Carol Ann MacGregor, PhD


Please find a recent copy of my CV here.

Administrative Responsibilities

I currently serve as Vice Provost of Academic Affairs at Loyola University New Orleans. In that capacity, I oversee and support Institutional Research, the Center for Faculty Innovation, the Pan-American Life Student Success Center, the Women's Resource Center, and Upward Bound. I also manage summer school operations. In 2019-2020 I had the honor of serving as co-chair of our AJCU Mission Priority Examen.


I am passionate about undergraduate research and continue to supervise theses and capstones in the Department of Sociology. In Fall 2020, I will teach a special section of Social Problems for Loyola's Social Justice Scholars.

  • Research Methods

  • Social Statistics

  • Race, Class, and Schools

  • Childhood Inequalities (Honors Seminar)

  • Sociology of Religion

  • Social Networks

  • Community, Connection, and Contagion (First Year Seminar)

  • Social Problems (Loyola in Ireland)

Books I've Read

  • I love to read. In 2020, I read 130 books. I have a few favorites. You can find out more about them here.